Upcycling is not just for the Bank Holiday

How did you spend your Bank Holiday?

If the weather was nice in your part of the world, then I'm sure a little outdoor activity was on the agenda. 

For many of us, our immediate thoughts fall to a nice flame grilled burger on a BBQ, a few refreshing shandies and a gathering of your nearest and dearest. First sign of some sunshine on a bank holiday weekend and supermarkets make sure their shelves are stocked in readiness for stampede!

There's a large percentage of us who like to get out in the garden, mow the lawn or tidy up the flower beds.

Perhaps you just like to escape with an activity? Bike strapped to the roof of the car and off you go for a bit of an adventure, tent packed and you're at one with nature for a few days. 

Maybe... and this is the one that we relate to, you want to do something a little more creative. You want to find something a little old, a little tired, a little bit in need of some TLC and give it your attention for a good 3 day weekend to bring it back to life?...

You want to upcycle! 

Of course you want to upcycle, who doesn't, it's loads of fun and it has some great benefits too. We thought we'd share with you this blog post from The Hip Horticulturalist with the reasons why many of us turn to upcycling. 

Why upcycling is more than just a trend

Upcycling has become a trendy way to turn trash into treasure, however, it’s so much more than just a cool way to decorate your garden!

Below are five reasons why upcycling is so important in today’s world…(Read more here)

We are now a few months away from our next Bank Holiday break, but that doesn't mean you can't get involved in a little upcycling at any time.

If you are new to turning your junk into something joyful, or if you are a keen upcycler with many projects under your belt then we would love for you to join our creative community on Twitter @reupcycled and facebook.com/upcycledcreative

Until next time....