Rocky the Rocking Horse Returns Home

When you are given the responsibility of adding a new lease of life to an item with sentimental value, it's an honour to share the experience with the owner. After all, they are putting their trust in you to create something that will rekindle their love, without losing any of it's original charm or nostalgia.

Lee, our Creative Director was delighted to work on such an item.

Parcelforce competition winner Stacey Syson of WhiteBeam Photography recently had her childhood rocking horse upcycled into a stylish and fun table.  You can read a little more about the transformation and see some pictures of the progress by visiting our previous blog post here.

The rocking horse (we nicknamed him Rocky while he was here with us) is now back with Stacey, and we're really pleased that he's settled back home. 

"Thank you so much for giving my rocking horse a whole new life! It was awful seeing him get neglected. I'm happy to say he is now in good use."

We asked her if she could share with us any fond memories she had as a child, so she provided us with this photograph. After all, an image speaks a thousand words.

Copyright 2016 @ Stacey Syson of WhiteBeam Photography

Copyright 2016 @ Stacey Syson of WhiteBeam Photography

A potential jockey in the making at a young age? No, Stacey went on to become a talented photographer and we hope you'll head over to her Facebook page to find out more about her work. 

Here's an example. A shot of the Rocking Horse as he used to be...

 Copyright 2016 @ Stacey Syson of WhiteBeam Photography

 Copyright 2016 @ Stacey Syson of WhiteBeam Photography

It's been great to work with Parcelforce on making this 'little fella' into a rekindled treasure and we look forward to many more competitions in the future.

Of course, a huge thank you to Stacey for letting us take care of such a sentimental item.

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Until next time...