Art as Life at Derby Quad

Lightseekers is a creative social enterprise who specialise in cross-cultural education and deliver thought provoking programmes to low-income areas, where creative engagement is low and students are likely to experience exclusion and discrimination.

Recently Upcycled Creative collaborated with Kajal Nisha Patel on a project known as Art as Life, which took place at The Derby Quad. We contributed to a series of workshops, reflecting on art and craft production before the industrial period and the loss of artisanal skills thereafter.

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With a lot of hands on production we were able to work with a talented group of emerging young artists, to lead them through a series of activities. We looked at conceptual thinking, resourcing, discussions on art, and how we could all get involved to start making a change within communities where creative engagement and participation is low.

There were a total of six sessions that took place at the creative hub of The Derby Quad.

The first week was led by professional sculptor David Booth, where ideas were explored and symbolism considered. The second week led by our very own Lee Richards, was a great practical combination of workshops where Lee shared his knowledge, skills and passion of upcycling.  Demonstrating how materials often discarded and left unloved, could be transformed into beautiful and useful objects such as furniture and lighting. 

A fantastic way to spend some creative time with enthusiastic and talented individuals.

If you would like to see some of the final pieces of artwork, then selected works are being displayed within QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces between 29th September -19th November 2017.

We hope you'll be able to take a visit and see the results.

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