Achieve 'The Look' with Autentico

Ever wondered what paint to use to achieve that vintage charm?

For those of you that get great satisfaction out of doing your very own upcycling, you may have already used an Autentio paint to achieve that fresh vibrant look. It's a great chalk paint that's used to give furniture that vintage charm.

There are also other paint products that you can use for any exterior projects you want to give that upcycled vibe and if you fancy giving your indoor walls a bit of a makeover, they have a range of wall paints too.

Autentico Stockist UPCYCLED CREATIVE Matlock Derbyshire

Upcycled Creative have been using Autentico paints for many years now, and we think they're great! So much so, that we've decided to stock them for purchase by our customers. We know that so many people enjoy giving old furniture a new lease of life, but without losing it's original sparkle, however, we still get asked for recommendations as to how this can be achieved.

For anyone that's never upcycled before, using the wrong paint for a first project can be enough to make you feel defeated and unsatisfied with the results. It can also be pretty devastating if you decided to get creative with an old family heirloom, only to wind up with a result that brings you to tears if the wrong products are used. 

That's why we want to point potential upcyclers and those already getting in on the action to Autentico.

Autentico Chalk Paint by UPCYCLED CREATIVE

For the newbies of you out there, you may also be interested in the fact that we are currently putting together some furniture painting courses for 2018. We'll have more news on those in the up and coming weeks. We're really excited about them!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we'll share more information on these courses. But for now, if you are interested in seeing the range of products from Autentico that we have to offer, pop in to see us, or visit our website for more information. 

Until next time...