Catch the 'Upcycling Bug' at One of Our Workshops


Have you always fancied having a go at upcycling, but not too sure where to start, or found it all a little daunting?

You're not alone. For many of us there's that creative upcycling spark just waiting to be ignited, but we're just a little apprehensive to take the first steps. However, what if there was a workshop that could help to set the wheels in motion?

Well the good news is.... drum-roll please.... that Upcycled Creative has just started to launch our series of workshops. If you fancy having a go at turning a classic footstool into your own creation then you might just be a little bit excited about this.

Classic Footstool Workshop

The classic footstool workshop is a one-day extravaganza combining painting techniques with upholstery, perfect for beginners... And lunch is included as well.

This is just the first of many that we will be running and you can secure your place here. What a wonderful way to spend a day! The beautiful surroundings of the Derbyshire countryside is enough to get your creative juices flowing anyway, paired with learning new skills, a tasty lunch, awesome people (I know, we are biased), being shown this awesome technique and taking home the results... who wouldn't want to do this?! 

Classic Footstool Workshop by UPCYCLED CREATIVE
Classic Footstool Workshop by UPCYCLED CREATIVE in Cromford, Matlock
Classic Footstool Workshop by UPCYCLED CREATIVE in Derbyshire

Once you catch the 'upcycling bug' you'll be eager to find out the next workshops that we have in store. We're in the process of creating these, but rest assured we'll be looking to teach you even more skills to grow your upcycling confidence. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for news of future workshops. You won't want to miss them!