Brightening dull winter days..

Here at Upcycled Creative we love creating new products from old and are equally as delighted to hear about other upcycling projects.

SewnUK produces customised embroidered clothing and accessories as well as handmade fabric flowers. However, founder Amy Murray has created a novel new twist to her flower making. Tired of seeing so much single use plastic packaging sent through the post, she has come up with a new way of recycling it. With imagination and creative flair she is turning what would otherwise be rubbish into roses.


Amy says, “So many couriers use plastic mailing bags, which only seem to increase tenfold when we‘ve hit the internet sales, that it’s hard to keep up with re-using them. <‘From Rubbish to Roses!’> is a simple yet effective way of reusing single use plastics and so quick and easy to do that anyone can have a go.”

Why not have a go at making your own roses by following Amy's step by step online video tutorial, you'll discover the joys of upcycling and the roses will brighten dull winter days.

Here at Upcycled Creative we are brightening dull winter days too with our wide range of lighting including a vintage Kilner jar lamp and a Haminex Topcon camera lamp. We also enjoy the challenge of creating bespoke products. You may have sentimental items or forgotten heirlooms gathering dust in the loft but that you cannot bear to part with. If this is the case then why not bring them along to us here at Upcycled Creative where we can transform them into a unique piece of furniture or feature light that promises to be functional whilst giving new life to old memories. Click here to contact us or, if you're passing by, then why not call in to our shop in Wirksworth – we're open from Monday to Saturday, 10am until 4pm.