Chin-Chin it's Time for some Gin

For the gin lovers out there, and we know there are a lot of you, on Saturday 10th June it is World Gin Day!  That's right a whole day dedicated to the 'love of gin'.

All over the world, lovers of the botanical quencher are celebrating with cocktails or just a straight forward G&T. Not that an excuse is needed for this delicious refreshment, but why not join in the celebrations?

Many bars across the UK are taking part, so you can expect some exciting concoctions on the drinks menu and if you would like to get involved yourself, you can find out how by visiting the website. 

Of course, we'll be making the most out of the leftover bottles and getting a little creative.

Turning your love of gin into our love of lighting

Turning your love of gin into our love of lighting

You can see more of our bottle inspired lighting in our gallery

What's your favourite gin cocktail? Perhaps you like a specific type of gin due to the design of the bottle? There are so many on offer these days and with clever marketing the glass design is getting more and more creative. Which is great! It gives us more interesting items to upcycle!

You can get involved with World Gin Day on Twitter, using the hashtag #WorldGinDay. You can also share with us at Upcycled Creative your pictures of how you're celebrating the occasion @reupcycled or by visiting our Facebook page 

Cheers everyone! 'Chin-chin'