Clear Out the Clutter and Get Creative



What if you could give your possessions a new lease of life by upcycling?

We're into a brand new year and with it come good intentions and hopes for a successful and happy 365 days and beyond. The best year yet!

Many of us decide to make resolutions. Lose weight, get fitter, read more books, find a new career, start a new hobby, have a clear out of clutter... the list goes on.

We mention clearing out clutter, because for many, a fresh approach to a new year gives people a mindset of 'getting rid' of what's no longer needed, what's holding them back, what doesn't really serve them anymore. It's a great time to have a good old fashioned sort out and get right to the back of the garden shed or what's lurking in the loft. 

Quite often you'll find things that you'd forgotten you had. An item that was once loved but needed to be stored away because it wasn't quite right for what you needed at the time, or perhaps from a previous clear out... you just couldn't part with it. This is all too common, as many of us become attached to possessions that to others may not mean that much, but to you...well you just can't bear to be parted from. So it gets put away, forgotten about, gathers dust. 

How about if you found that particular item again during another new year spring clean and still felt as though you needed to hang onto it for one reason or another. However,  you know that it will just remain as it is, hidden away.

A new lease of life can be given by upcyling.

Could that old manual lawnmower hiding in the back of the shed that's been handed down from grandfather, to father, to son be made into something of a feature? A garden ornament? A handy table next to the Bar-b-Que for standing your ice cold beer in the summer whilst you cook up a family afresco feast?

What about that old rocking horse that's feeling lonely in your roof space? Just like Rocky the Rocking Horse, one of our previous upcycling projects for a lucky competition winner. 

Basically, what we're trying to say is that of course, you should get rid of the things that are cluttering up your life, but always take a view as to what they could be again with a little bit of TLC and reinvention. Upcycling is a fun thing to do, why not try it!

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are always updated with our latest projects, so if you're lacking a little inspiration, then check us out on social media. If you'd prefer to see our creations in the flesh, then take a lovely day out to Cromford Mills in Matlock, Derbyshire where our workshop is located. Come and have a chat with Lee, our Creative Director, who's sure to get your imagination and creativity ignited. 

Clear out the clutter and get creative.

Until next time....