Clear Your Clutter and Upcycle

On 19th March many people across the UK took part in 'National Clear your Clutter Day'

Households were encouraged to be ruthless and get rid of as much of their clutter as possible and perhaps in the process, make themselves a little bit of pocket money to put towards a holiday or even Christmas! (yes...we know it's early on in the year, but we know how it creeps up on us.)


When you decide to have a 'clear out' it can be a bit of an emotional experience. There are many of our possessions that we know we have no use for any longer, but just can't bring ourselves to get rid of them. Many of these items carry sentimental value and can often be shoved away in a cupboard because they are broken. However, throwing them away is just not an option, so what can you do?

Have you thought about upcycling? 

Whatever size your personal treasure is, there is often a creative way to bring it back to life so that it's not just stuffed into the back of your loft, at the bottom of a very deep drawer or even in your garden shed.

Remember when we upcycled Rocky the Rocking Horse? We were able to bring a family heirloom back to life with a little TLC and creativity.

If you missed the dedicated day to clear your clutter, why not do it anyway. Not only is it cathartic to get rid of many possessions that you no longer need, it helps you find those hidden gems again that with a little love and attention, could be bought back to life and put to use. 

Get in touch with us via our Facebook page or Twitter and let us know what you found. Is there anything that could be upcycled and made useful? Perhaps you were able to clear more clutter than you initially thought.  We'd love to hear from you.

Until next time...