For the Love of Light

Natural or artificial light can impact our mood in many ways.

Whether it's the natural light of the sun on a summers day to the artificial ambient lighting in a romantic restaurant, it has the ability to influence how we feel. It creates atmosphere, it highlights and focuses on things we may or may not want to see and it can be created specifically to suit our needs. 

Light can also tell a story and set the right mood. For example, we're just about to approach Valentines Day. A time of romance, love, intimacy and togetherness. It's commonly associated with a romantic meal or even just a simple cosy night in. To help create that perfect atmosphere, (with the addition of some nice music and perhaps a bottle of bubbly), we seek the perfect ambiance.  

Candles and lamps are the go to providers of light to ignite the romance, generating the perfect light to set a romantic mood.

We are passionate about creating the perfect atmosphere with our lighting creations. You can check out some of the work we did at The Palfrey where we helped to create and design a warm and inviting atmosphere. A lovely place to dine or have a quiet drink, perhaps the ideal spot to spend this Valentines Day?

What type of lighting do you associate with your mood? Are you someone that struggles in the winter months from the lack of sunlight? What type of lighting do you like to relax with? Perhaps you're looking for something to illuminate a specific hobby, such as reading, sewing, model making, drawing. Do you need bright lights to stimulate your senses? It's all down to personal taste, but we'd love you to share with us on our Facebook page your favourite light source. 

What lights up your day or night?

Until next time...